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News: ‘Hamilton’ Expected to win Pulitzer prize
Apr 16, 2016

Will “Hamilton” win the Pulitzer Prize for Drama on Monday? The better question may be whether there is any legitimate reason to believe that Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hip-hop musical will not win the award. In addition to the incredible amount of acclaim it has already received, “Hamilton” more than meets the tendency of Pulitzer judges to give the award to an original work “dealing with American life.” Stephen Karam’s “The Humans,” which recently transferred to Broadway, will likely be named as a finalist. [Source]

Video: Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks #EduHam
Apr 16, 2016

Photos: Lin Manuel Miranda in DC
Mar 19, 2016
Gallery Update / Public Appearances

I’ve updated the gallery with over 50 photos of Lin during his 2 days visit to DC where he visited the White House with the Hamilton cast and talked in the press conference to help with the crisis in Puerto Rico.


2016 > 14 March – Michelle Obama Hosts Cast Of Broadway’s “Hamilton” At The White House
2016 > 15 March – Humanitarian & Economic Crisis in Puerto Rico Press Conference

Video: First Lady Delivers Remarks at “Hamilton at the White House” Workshop
Mar 15, 2016

Video: President Obama Welcomes the Cast of Hamilton
Mar 15, 2016

Video: Lin Manuel Miranda Freestyle with Obama’s Help
Mar 15, 2016

News: New York Theater is Improbably Thriving
Mar 8, 2016
Gallery Update / News / Photo Session

As George Washington sings, “The elephant is in the room,” so let’s get this out of the way: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s rainbow history lesson is the only real-world megahit that has felt like genuine theatrical art since A Chorus Line and, before that, the last golden age. Partly, that’s owed to the music, which bridges Broadway tradition and hip-hop; the cast album outsold most pop this year. Its defiantly unorthodox casting also makes it ­politically potent, creating a new generation of theater fans (many of whom could never have been dragged to a Broadway show before) and the stars to go with them. Has it remade the musical? It didn’t have to. It merely — merely! — exploited the full power that was already built in. [source]

Photos: TimesTalks: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jeanine Tesori, Danai Gurira & Oskar Eustis
Mar 1, 2016
Gallery Update / Public Appearances / Video

I’ve update the gallery with +45 photos of Lin during his appearance yesterday on the TimesTalk panel. Check out the video below and the gallery for pictures:


Gallery Update: Arriva Magazine Scans + Photoshoot
Mar 1, 2016
Digital Scans / Gallery Update / Photo Session

Lin is featured on the cover of Arrive Magazine’s March/April issue. Check out the scans and photoshoots below:


Digital Scans > Arrive Magazine (2016)
Photo Sessions > Session 023

Photos: Photoshoots Update
Feb 26, 2016
Gallery Update / Photo Session

I’ve updated the gallery with some of photoshoots I could find of Lin during the last few years. Check them out below: