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Video: Lin-Manuel Miranda on Xfinity Hangouts
Oct 23, 2019
Interview / Television Projects / Video

When he was in California during the TCA Summer Press Tour for His Dark Materials over the Summer, Lin-Manuel Miranda gave an interview to Xfinity Hangouts. Check the video below.

Interview: Lin-Manuel Miranda talks about His Dark Materials on Entertainment Weekly
Oct 21, 2019
Interview / Television Projects

Lin-Manuel Miranda gave an interview about His Dark Materials to Entertainment Weekly. Read about his experience on set, how he found Lee Scoresby’s accent and much more. On casting Miranda, the first actor to join the series, executive producer Jane Tranter recalls seeing In the Heights in London with her daughter in fall 2016. “Obviously,

News:Lin-Manuel Miranda and Geoge Clooney Joined Forces in Reviving Origins by Nespresso
Oct 21, 2019
Interview / Video

The Hispanic Federation continues its efforts to help the Puerto Rico’s coffee industry, teaming up with Nespresso for a new initiative, to which Lin-Manuel Miranda and George Clooney lend their faces and voices. Check the video promo below, see the promo and the screen captures in our Gallery and read more about the initiative. Miscellaneous >

Feature: Lin-Manuel Miranda on Times Magazine for His Dark Materials
Oct 19, 2019
Feature / Interview / Photo Session / Stills/Screencaptures / Television Projects

On Saturday October, 19 Lin-Manuel Miranda graced the cover of Times Magazine with a long interview where he touches many topics, from the upcoming TV show His Dark Materials to how he takes care of his mental health. In our Gallery you can see a new promo picture from His Dark Materials and a new

Feature: Behind the scene of His Dark Materials with BBC
Oct 15, 2019
Interview / Television Projects

The TV series His Dark Materials premieres on BBC One on Sunday October, 3 and the BBC offered a few features from behind the scenes with interviews to the talents involved, we quoted al the parts about Lin-Manuel Miranda below while the whole articles can be found here and here. Plus, the feature had a

Radio: Lin-Manuel Miranda on BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs
Oct 6, 2019
Audio / Interview

On Sunday October, 6 Lin-Manuel Miranda was the guest of the BBC Radio 4 program Desert Island Discs, where he got to pick eight songs one book and a luxury item he would bring on a desert island and explain why he likes them. Listen HERE. The songs he picked are these: Cabaret from Cabaret

Feature: His Dark Materials on The Sunday Times
Oct 6, 2019
Feature / Interview / Stills/Screencaptures

The Sunday Times has a long feature about His Dark Materials, the show produced by the BBC and the HBO, full of pictures from behind the scenes and interviews with Dafne Keen, Ruth Wilson and Lin-Manuel Miranda. In our Gallery you can see Lin-Manuel on set as Lee Scoresby with the puppet that serves as

Coverage: Freestyle Love Supreme opens on Broadway
Oct 3, 2019
Gallery Update / Interview / Public Appearances / Stage Productions / Stills/Screencaptures / Video

On October, 2 Freestyle Love Supreme opened its Broadway run, at the Booth Theatre. For the occasion, Lin-Manuel Miranda, producer of the show and spontaneous guest, took the mic with his friends and went to the after party. The show is scheduled for a 16-week run, get your tickets on the official site. Check all

Coverage: Lin-Manuel Miranda and Freestyle Love Supreme on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Oct 3, 2019
Gallery Update / Interview / Public Appearances / Video

On October, 1 Lin-Manuel Miranda was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He talked about Freestyle Love Supreme, telling about their first show in 2003, and His Dark Materials. The improv group was also the musical guest of the episode. Check all the photos in our Gallery and the videos below.

Video: Lin-Manuel Miranda and Christopher Jackson on TODAY Show
Oct 1, 2019
Interview / Public Appearances / Video

On September, 1 Lin-Manuel Miranda and actor Christopher Jackson visited TODAY to talk about their new Broadway show, “Freestyle Love Supreme.” See their freestyle skills in action as they make up a rap for the TODAY team. [EDIT: Added photos in Gallery.]