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News: Lin-Manuel Miranda is Gizmoduck on DuckTales

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On May 11, in the episode ‘Beware the B.U.D.D.Y. System!’, the character Gizmoduck (aka Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera) will make his debut in the DuckTales serie. As reported by, on his experience voicing the character, Lin-Manuel Miranda said “I’m really excited that a new generation of kids will be growing up with DuckTales. As a huge fan of the original series, I love that I can share this new version with my sons.”
Check below the first TV commercial featuring Lin-Manuel’s voice, a photo promo and what Francisco Angones, the serie Co-Producer and Story Editor, has to say about his Gizmoduck and how he got Miranda on board.

Francisco Angones on Convincing Lin-Manuel Miranda to Be on DuckTale

I loved comic books growing up, but being a Latino kid in the 80s reading comic books, we had [only] one superhero. We had Vibe, the DC Comics superhero. He is a gang member who has break dancing powers. That’s not a sterling example of Latino diversity. He’s been rehabbed. He is great. But when it came time to do DuckTales, the character Gizmoduck is the main superhero character, like Peter Parker meets Iron-Man. and I was like, “God, wouldn’t it be cool if he was Latino? Wouldn’t it be cool if it wasn’t just the token superhero character but if he was the main superhero in DuckTales?”
We looked at the character and we did this interesting revamp of him. In the original series he was this kind of nerd who had a million ideas at once. He was an accountant that wanted to work for Scrooge McDuck and he talked his way into every situation and spoke very quickly. He was brilliant, but kind of a dupe, and earnest and lovable. I was like, “That sounds like Lin-Manuel Miranda.” Stupidly, I wrote the character as if it was Lin-Manuel Miranda and I wrote this letter to him. I explaining to him about how I got a D in that presentation and I said, “Look, I love Disney, I love Marvel, I love superheroes in general, there is not a Latino superhero in the multiplex at all. I want my kids to have one and I can do that.” I knew he had a kid and I told him, “Wouldn’t you like that?” I didn’t know at the time that he was also a massive DuckTales fan. We sent him the letter and he said yes. He is recurring on our show as Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera now. We record him at 2:00 AM because he is a very busy man, but it’s amazing.

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