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News: Lin-Manuel Miranda write and perform on Netflix’s ‘We The People’

[ Written on July 04 2021 by Francesca ]

Michelle and Barack Obama produce a new series for Netflix, We the People, which combines a mix of animation styles with original songs performed by artists including Lin-Manuel Miranda, H.E.R., Janelle Monáe, Brandi Carlile, Adam Lambert, Cordae, Bebe Rexha, KYLE, Andra Day and poet Amanda Gorman. Miranda wrote Checks and Balances with Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez; the song is performed by the three authors, Daveed Diggs and Brittany Howard.

The series is available on Netflix from July, 4.

Check the trailer below and stream to Check and Balances on the streaming service of you choice.

Photos: Screen Captures of Bartlett Series

[ Written on April 15 2021 by Francesca ]

We can all watch the full Bartlett series, with Lin-Manuel Miranda as special guest in two episodes, on the official YouTube Channel and enjoy all the screen captures in our Gallery.

Television Projects > Bartlett Series (2018)1.03 “Jesus Saves (Sinners and Ad People)” Screen Captures
Television Projects > Bartlett Series (2018)1.03 “Jesus Saves (Sinners and Ad People)” Extra Screen Captures
Television Projects > Bartlett Series (2018)1.04 “Epiphany with a Sunflower Butter Sandwich” Screen Captures

Coverage: Third Round of His Dark Materials Season 2 Junket Press

[ Written on December 30 2020 by Francesca ]

After the last episode of the second season aired on HBO, some interviews given by Lin-Manuel Miranda where published online by several sites, such as Entertainment Weekly, Variety, Slate and Gizmodo


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: At the risk of ticking off fans of another popular fantasy series, it seems your watch has ended.

LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA: Haha! Yes. Hodor. Please. Hodor.

What was your reaction when you found out that Lee would be going out in this blaze of glory? And then what was it like acting it out?

Well, my first reaction was back in 2005 when I read the books. I had that in the back of my mind when I said yes to the gig. I’m gonna have to do one of the most heartbreaking deaths in literature, or at least in the literature that I’ve read. So, I think a part of me has been preparing since I signed on for the gig. One of the things that’s so affecting about it and the genius of Philip Pullman is every death in this story is two deaths. We haven’t just gotten to know Lee, we’ve gotten to know Hester and their relationship. I think that’s the extra twist that you never see coming. It’s heartbreaking in the book, and I hope we did it a bit of justice.

I also found something really beautiful about this moment. Everybody in Lyra’s world who has a daemon comes with this blessing that they are not alone in their final moments on earth. I was curious if you had any thoughts on that for Lee.

Pullman wrote a book called Daemon Voices where he wrote a series of essays about his thinking around the series, and the notion of a daemon was a storytelling solution. [People] can monologue about what they’re doing and how they’re feeling if they have someone to talk to. So, why don’t I put their souls outside their body? And it’s so simple and so elegant, but you’re right, it brings this incredible moment of solace in the final moment. I haven’t read The Subtle Knife for many years. I didn’t want to re-read it and get too attached to anything in case our version strayed. But the line that always stayed with me is Lee saying to Hester, “Don’t you go before I do.” That is a beautiful, heartbreaking line.

Read the rest of the Entertainment Weekly interview and the others under the jump.
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Video: Lin-Manuel Miranda in BBC Promos for His Dark Materials Season 2

[ Written on December 30 2020 by Francesca ]

While airing the second season of His Dark Materials, BBC shared some promos including a few with Lin-Manuel Miranda: Two truths and a lie challenge and Andrew Scott and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s balloon bromance.

Check them out below.



Under the cut there are more video, with some Miranda’s bit here and there.

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Video: Second Round of His Dark Materials Season 2 Junket Press

[ Written on December 04 2020 by Francesca ]

After the first round, we collected some more inteviews, video and written, that Lin-Manuel Miranda gave so far to promote His Dark Materials season two.

Let’s start with ETalk.

Under the cut you can find more from Access, CINEMA-Magazin, Milenio and Observer New Review.

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