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Feature: Lin-Manuel Miranda on The Times for “tick, tick… BOOM!” & “Encanto”

[ Written on November 22 2021 by Francesca ]

On Saturday November, 19 The Times shared an interview to Lin-Manuel Miranda, where he talks about his latest projects, tick, tick… BOOM! and Encanto.

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“I definitely hear a ticking clock in my life,” Lin-Manuel Miranda says. “I think that’s clear from a lot of the work I’ve done.” In 2015 the goateed New Yorker somersaulted to the top of the musical-theatre tree as the creator and star of Hamilton. The bravura, hip-hop-powered tale of Alexander Hamilton, one of the more obscure founding fathers of America, became a stage sensation in New York, London and Sydney and won Miranda two Tonys, an Olivier and a Pulitzer, plus an estimated fortune of £60 million. “You write like you’re running out of time,” one of the songs in the show, Non-Stop, said of his restless title character.

Does he ever feel overwhelmed? “Well, I chose to do it,” he says via Zoom from his home in New York, where he lives with his wife, Vanessa Nadal, and their sons, Sebastian, 7, and Francisco, 3. “That’s an important mindshift sometimes. What I learnt from my time at university [he went to Wesleyan in Connecticut] was, ‘Oh, these things can be in conversation with each other. What I’m learning here is applicable there.'” Besides, he adds, “I don’t feel like I’m running out of time so much as that’s the fantasy. Non-Stop is the fantasy of what a writer’s life is like. It’s much more tedious and slow than that. I’m incredibly impatient to get my work out into the world, but I also work on projects that take years to complete.”

One of the things that attracts him to magic realism, he says, citing Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude, is “the ways in which magic presents itself as an expression of character”. So the gossipy sister in Encanto has enhanced hearing and the nurturing aunt cooks meals with magical healing properties. “As a songwriter that’s very exciting: to establish themes for all these characters, to dig into how they see themselves or how the family sees them,” Miranda says. “That’s stuff you talk about with your shrink — to write Disney songs about it is really fun.”

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Photos: Lin-Manuel Miranda at “Encanto” New York Premiere

[ Written on November 21 2021 by Francesca ]

On November, 17 Lin-Manuel Miranda attended the premiere of Encanto in New York.

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Coverage: Lin-Manuel Miranda talks about “tick, tick… BOOM!” at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

[ Written on November 20 2021 by Francesca ]

On Noveber, 17 Lin-Manuel Miranda appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk about tick, tick… BOOM! and played a “Wheel of Freestyle Battle” against The Roots’ Black Thought.

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Watch the video below.

Coverage: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “tick, tick… BOOM!” premiere in New York

[ Written on November 17 2021 by Francesca ]

On November, 15 Lin-Manuel Miranda directorial debut, tick, tick…BOOM!, premiered at in New York. Miranda joined the leading man Andrew Garfield, the cast and crew.

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The Broadway Inspirational Voices performed ‘One Song Glory’ from Rent and ’30/90′ from tick, tick… BOOM! and ‘Louder Than Words’ to celebrate the life and legacy of Jonathan Larson.

Photos: Lin-Manuel Miranda at “tick, tick… BOOM!” Q&As

[ Written on November 14 2021 by Francesca ]

The day after the premiere, Lin-Manuel Miranda and the cast and crew of “tick, tick… BOOM!” attended two screenings and Q&A.

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Public Appearances > 202111 November – Special Screening And Q&A Of Netflix’s “tick,tick…Boom!”
Public Appearances > 202111 November – Netflix’s tick, tick…BOOM! Tastemaker Event

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