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Radio: Lin-Manuel Miranda on BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs

[ Written on October 06 2019 by Francesca ]

On Sunday October, 6 Lin-Manuel Miranda was the guest of the BBC Radio 4 program Desert Island Discs, where he got to pick eight songs one book and a luxury item he would bring on a desert island and explain why he likes them. Listen HERE.

The songs he picked are these:

  • Cabaret from Cabaret
  • The Crane Wife by The Decemberists
  • El padre Antonio y su monaguillo Andres by Ruben Blades
  • Passing Me By by The Pharcyde
  • What You Know by Ali Dineen
  • On The Radio by Regina Spektor
  • Dejate Querer by Gilberto Santa Rosa
  • Rosa Parks by Outkast

The book he picked is Moby Dick by Herman Melville and the luxury item is coffee.

Podcast: Lin-Manuel Miranda on My Dad Wrote A Porno

[ Written on September 26 2019 by Francesca ]

While in Cardiff to film the second season of His Dark Materials, Lin-Manuel Miranda joined the gang of My Dad Wrote A Porno to talk about the potential Porno musical, his relationship with his own father and the great Dick Van Dyke.

Check the episode on Spotify below. Beware: it’s marked as Explicit.

Podcast: Lin-Manuel Miranda on The Good Place: The Podcast

[ Written on June 24 2019 by Francesca ]

During the show’s hiatus, host Marc Evan Jackson shoots the shirt with celebrity fans of The Good Place. In this episode, Lin-Manuel Miranda talks about his role opposite William Jackson Harper as a rapping apple in The Electric Company, playing Amy Santiago’s brother on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, his inspiration and process for writing Hamilton and much more.

Listen the podcast below.

Podcast: Lin-Manuel Miranda on Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

[ Written on June 17 2019 by Francesca ]

Lin-Manuel and Conan sit down to chat about the perks of youth theatre, rhyming as a superpower, the magic of Queen & David Bowie’s “Under Pressure,” and handling the immeasurable success of ‘Hamilton.’

Listen the podcast below.

Coverage: Lin-Manuel Miranda head to a Victory Fund Event in Austin

[ Written on June 09 2019 by Francesca ]

On June 06, Lin-Manuel Miranda visited Austin and participated to a Latino Victory Fund Event with his father Luis. They also gave an interview. Check below the video and the audio of the interview and head to our Gallery to see the photo of the day.

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