Jan 2017
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Today is Lin’s 36th Birthday! Lin (Manuel) Miranda Fan would like to wish him a happy birthday, hoping for bigger and more successful years to come!

To celebrate Lin’s birthday and follow up a tradition from last year, we made a small donation to Everytown, one of the causes and charities Lin supports. I’ve collected together a list of causes and charities Lin support, so feel free to make a donation any of the following in his name.

And because of this last year have been an amazing one for Lin and we do adore him. We spent a little more money and named a Star after him.

If anyone is into Astronomy and Stargazing, the star number is: Pegasus RA 22h 16m 41.06s D 15° 57′ 35.07″

Dec 2016
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With 2016 finally coming to an end and inspired by my fried Lu at jessica-chastain.com I decided it would be fun to put together a summary of Lin’s professional activities in 2016, and what a year it’s been!!

The 4 big event that shaped Lin’s year in my humble opinion were: The Grammys, The Tonys, Lin Leaving Hamilton & The release of Moana.

Starting with January – March, Lin was still performing full time as Alexander Hamilton so he didn’t do much except a few things here and there in New York, where he also got to preform Hamilton’s opening number live for The Grammys plus, never forget the Hamilton cast road trip to The White House. Projects wise, January gave us news & title of the Hamilton documentary.

Following the steps of Hamilton himself, Lin was non-stop in April – June as The Tonys were coming up and Hamilton was expected to win every award it was nominated for. April also witnessed the release of Hamilton: A revolution bookLin winning a Pulitzer Prize for Drama and last but not least, the confirmation of Lin starring opposite Emily Blunt in the upcoming Mary Poppins Sequel.

With July came Lin’s last show in Hamilton where he could finally take a break to breathe. He also got to do some press for his duet with JLo’s “Love Make the World Goes Round” and fly to Puerto Rico and celebrate with everyone his star on the Puerto Rico Walk of Fame.

August – October focused a lot on Hamilton Chicago opening & Hamilton’s America release. Which both were great milestones for Lin this year but they were more of focused on Hamilton than Lin himself, which is why I didn’t count them as the big four events that shaped 2016. In October came the upcoming release of Moana which put Lin right in the spotlight with The Rock & Auli’i.

Some huge news that I couldn’t fit in between all my ramblings, Lin joining the team of The Little Mermaid LiveSaturday Night Live, Broadway for Hillary, The Hamilton Mixtape and last but not least, Sony fastracking Vivo for a 2020 release.

With the multi-project promotions going on all year round, Lin was featured on his share of Magazine this year, here are a few of my favorites:

With magazine covers comes an amazing amount of new amazing photoshoots, the most unexpected thing about the shoots though, that all my favorite are of Lin outside his of his Hamilton outfit:

And I think that’s about it? It’s been a pretty busy year, had it ups and downs but it’s also the year that pushed Lin into the spotlight for the rest of us to enjoy his company. I’d like to thank everyone for visiting, for the comments and for the amazing feedback about the site.

I’d also like to wish Lin (and you guys) a happy new year, may 2017 brings you and your families joy and happiness.

Dec 2016
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Lin, Josh Groban & Cate Blanchett were the judges to the ‘Hamilton’ 2016 Door Decorating Competition in the Richard Rodgers yesterday.  I’ve updated the gallery with photos of Lin & the judges doing the round backstage.


Dec 2016
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In addition to our new amazing layout, I was able to get my hands on some additional outtakes of some photoshoots Lin did in 2016 and some missing stuff in our categories, enjoy the pictures!


Stage Production > 2008 – In The Heights > Performance Stills
Stage Production > 2012 – Merrily We Roll Along > Performance Stills
Stage Production > 2014 – Tick, Tick ? Boom! > Performance Stills
Television Projects > Freestyle Love Supreme (2014) > Production Stills
Photo Sessions > 2016 > Session 026


Dec 2016
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Like the rest of the world I got sucked into the Hamilton vortex a little bit over a year go. Between obsessing about trying to get tickets to the show, catching up with reading the book and watching every possible interview that exist on the internet of the cast, I found myself starting to focus on Lin a bit more than any other cast member.

I had a lot of respect for his brain and work ethics (I mean he gave us hamilton!) and the thoughts of putting together the site started happening in my brain. On December 22, 2015 Lin (Manuel) Miranda fan first opened it’s doors to all you amazing viewers and here we are one year later!

We want to thank each and everyone of you for all the support you’ve given us. And a special shout out to Lin who followed us &  gave us a mention last week (and blew up our notifications), him knowing that the site exist is enough for me to keep working on updating the site and making it as complete as possible for his fans.

Thanks again for visiting the site and a special thanks for my friends Ray & Siny for the new site layout and header to celebrate the site’s birthday, and the biggest thanks to Kaci who helped code the career pages.

Dec 2016
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Less than 10 years after its original publication, Junot Diaz’s The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao stands as a contemporary American classic. In addition to winning the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the National Book Critics Circle Award, the bestselling novel has already infiltrated assigned reading lists for high school and college students alike, delighting readers as it blends a story of the Dominican-American experience with magical realism and inarguably terrific writing. It’s hard to imagine how the book could get any better—but fans of Hamilton will be charmed by the new audiobook version, narrated by musical maestro Lin-Manuel Miranda.

In an exclusive excerpt for TIME, Miranda reads from the section where the protagonist Oscar’s mother learns she is pregnant. The narrator explains why she leaked the news to the neighborhood in one of the most frequently quoted lines from the novel: “Success, after all, loves a witness, but failure can’t exist without one.” [Source]

Dec 2016
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In a week where Lin-Manuel Miranda had the number one movie in Moana, the number one album with The Hamilton Mixtape and the top Broadway show in Hamilton, he has set a big animated film project to follow Moana. Sony Pictures Animation chief Kristine Belson has fast tracked Vivo, a film that will be anchored by 11 songs written by Miranda. Quiara Alegría Hudes, Miranda’s collaborator on In The Heights, is writing the script. The Croods‘ helmer Kirk De Micco is being set to direct. Lisa Stewart (Monsters vs Aliens) is producing and Laurence Mark is exec producer. The studio is setting a December 18, 2020 release date.

This gives Belson a coup in her efforts to double the output of the animation group over the next few years, and it also is a good reminder of how fortunes rise and fall in Hollywood. Miranda originally set Vivo at DreamWorks Animation, around six years ago when his first stage sensation, In The Heights, first got Hollywood all hot and bothered. As that musical finished its stage run and got set up for a movie with Universal, DWA moved quickly to get in business with Miranda on an original. They focused on the tale of a capuchin monkey with a thirst for adventure – and a passion for music – that makes a treacherous passage from Havana to Miami to fulfill his destiny. High School Musical‘s Peter Barsocchini originated the project. [Source]

Dec 2016
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Lin is one of 4 amazing individuals in hollywood that were featured on the January cover of the hollywood reporter.

For raw and unfiltered insight into the creative process, who better to hear from than four of the most heralded breakout talents of 2016? So THR gathered Damien Chazelle, 31, whose La La Land has reinvented the original musical for a modern audience; Donald Glover, 33, who balances a music career (as Childish Gambino) with his acclaimed FX series, Atlanta; Lin-Manuel Miranda, 36, who brought rapping Founding Fathers to Broadway in the Tony-winning Hamilton and wrote music for Disney’s Moana; and Issa Rae, 31, whose HBO series Insecure showcases a fresh comedic voice. And to interview them all, THR recruited Jon Favreau, 50, who experienced breakout success with Swingers 20 years ago and since then has forged one of the most interesting résumés in Hollywood (from Iron Man to Elf to this year’s hit awards contender, The Jungle Book). Says Favreau, “To experience the moment that each of them is having, through their eyes, offers such a unique perspective on the creative journey.” [Source]


Photo Sessions > 2016 > Session 025 
Digital Scans > The Hollywood Reporter (January 2017)

Dec 2016
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I’ve updated the gallery with a couple of missing shoots and additional outtakes of one of them.


2016 > Session 020 
2016 > Session 021 
2016 > Session 023 
2016 > Session 024