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Video: Lin-Manuel Miranda and the Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton perform The Room Where It Happens for Hamilton Town Hall

[ Written on October 17 2020 by Francesca ]

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Members of the Original Broadway Production of Hamilton performed “The Room Where It Happens” during the Hamilton Town Hall grassroots fundraiser on October 16.

Check the video below.

17 Comments to "Video: Lin-Manuel Miranda and the Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton perform The Room Where It Happens for Hamilton Town Hall"

  1. Jeffrey says:

    Absolutely amazing

  2. Deborah J Hines says:

    I love you guys so much!!!
    The Hamilton music brings me joy and happiness everytime without fail

  3. Stacy says:


  4. Tara Windle says:

    Thank You ALL for your efforts to help Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win this election and turn the world back around! Loved it!

  5. Shannon Carney says:

    Welp, I guess I’m voting Biden/ Harris now. Thanks for telling me Groffsauce! Gotta obey the king, right?

  6. Amy knickerbocker says:

    Thank you ! You made the point without mentioning any groups I LOVED Hamilton
    Again thank you

  7. Brenda J Cole says:

    This is great so needed

  8. Lydia g Sánchez Bracamonte says:

    Inclusion participation, democracy is action, participation and pressure for the hood of all not just the few. Let’s put an end to corrupt dealings
    Let all be there I. The room where it happens.

  9. Tracy Wright says:

    Fantastic job everyone. Can’t wait for the country to get back to decency. Love ❤️ and respect for your overwhelming talent, future success and sticking to your message for change….we can do this!

  10. Saundra says:

    Hello! Worked in the theater. . . have seen the show st least 50 times… learn something new each time… can’t figure out the answer to these 2 questions:

    (it follows the line “did you know even then that it doesn’t matter where you put the U.S. Capitol”)

    “We’ll have the banks cause we’re in the same spot”
    1) WHO is “we”?
    2) “We’re in the same spot” ???

    (I’ve been trying to understand the meaning of #2 for the longest time)

    Please, please, please help me understand!

  11. Priscilla Powell says:

    I truly enjoy the Hamilton town hall meeting. I’m truly a Hamilton fan for life. Being apart of the Zoom meeting feels like being around warm friends sharing good conversations. It was such an honor and a privilege to be apart of the Zoom meeting. I was so very EXCITED to see Lin Manuel Miranda. I wanted to ask LIN how’s his Dad? I seen the documentary on HBO Siempre, Luis. The documentary really pulled at my Heartstrings. Lin is so FINE! Lin you are the most sexiest man alive! Lin your voice and your eyes are so damn mesmerizing and addictive and hypnotic….( SEXY).
    Your presence is very powerful. You’re a very intelligent man and you are very blessed and your blessings are unconditional no matter what you do or what you say or where you go you are always unconditionally blessed and highly favored so continue to enjoy your life and do whatever you want to do no stress. Do whatever makes you happy! There’s sooo much I’d love to say but for now I’ll just say thank you for inviting on the Hamilton town hall meeting.
    Hamilton fan 4 life

  12. Cath says:

    Leslie still got it ! Wow! I’m so looking forward to voting Biden/Harris

  13. Lowell Eugene Williams says:

    I’ve seen Hamilton 3 times with you and the original B’Way cast, in Miami where I currently live, and of Disney. This video has got to be the best rendition because it bridges the gap between theater as entertainment and theater as a change agent. Kudos to you and the cast for bringing us all into the voting booth where it happens. Proud to say I’ve voted already from my living room where it happened. Go Blue!!

  14. Linnie Cardillo says:

    One of my favorite pieces from Hamilton. I wanna be the room where it happens so I VOTED early.

    Only this crew can hit zoom

  15. Ginny link says:

    Loved it!! Brought me back to how much I loved your play.
    Thank you all for yourpassion

  16. William Strauss says:

    Well played!

  17. Kim Murphy says:

    ABSOLUTELY A-MA-ZING!!! LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!! ROCK ON HAMILTON!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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