News: Lin-Manuel Miranda in the documentary “Rock Rubber 45s”
Jun 23, 2018

Rock Rubber 45s is Bobbito García’s third film, a 96-minute documentary about his life as street basketball star, sneaker collector and designer and DJ. In the movie García sits down with old friends and musicians like Wesleyan alumn Lin-Manuel Miranda, Stevie Wonder and Questlove. The digital release is set for July 24, in the meantime there are screenings in numerous North American cities.
Check the trailer below.

When he was in Rome, Italy, for the premiere at the Ginnika Festival, Zero interviewed García and he said that Miranda’s featuring it was special for him and that is was filmed while the actor was in London.

Q: There’s a featuring that is special for you?
A: Yes, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s: it was the most difficult interview to do. He is always busy so we had to fly to London with the entire crew with only two days notice. Anyway, it was worth 1,000%. We respect each other so much and this mutual energy really shone during our chat for the film.

In Gallery you can find photos and screen captures from the trailer.