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Videos: Lin Manuel Miranda’s Final Week with Hamilton
Jul 14, 2016

As a follow up for the last update, this post will include multi videos of Lin’s last week with Hamilton.

Photos: Lin Manuel Miranda’s Final Week with Hamilton
Jul 14, 2016
Gallery Update / Public Appearances / Stage Productions

So Sorry for the huge delay with updating this but it’s been a busy couple of weeks and then I flew to New York for Lin’s final show (which was amazing). Because of the multiple updates I thought it would be better to fit it all in one big post.

Kicking off with the picture updating where I updated more than 500 pictures of Lin during the last couple of weeks.


2016 > 2 July – ‘Hamilton’ Backstage 
2016 > 6 July – Farewell Ham4Ham Show 
2016 > 9 July – Final Performance Fan Greeting 
Stage Production > 2015 – Hamilton > Lin’s Final Performance 
2016 > 9 July – Final Performance Fan Goodbye
2016 > 9 July – Final Performance – After Party 


Gallery Update: Additional Digital Scans
Jun 26, 2016
Digital Scans / Gallery Update

With a huge thanks to my friend Jay, I’ve updated the gallery with digital scans from 2015 that covered Hamilton & Lin.


Digital Scans > The New Yorker (February 2015)
Digital Scans
> Vogue (July 2015) 

Digital Scans > Billboard (August 2015) 
Digital Scans > The Hollywood Reporter (August 2015) 
Digital Scans > Vanity Fair (March 2016) 
Digital Scans > People Espanol (May 2016)
Digital Scans > GQ (May 2016) 
Digital Scans > People (July 2016)

Photos: Insight Dialogues Presented by the Rockefeller Foundation
Jun 26, 2016
Gallery Update / Public Appearances

I’ve updated the gallery with photos of Lin during a talk he did with the Rockefeller Foundation, who will be sending a new batch consisting of 100,000 students from across the US to watch Hamilton over the next few months.


Video: Broadway for Orlando
Jun 20, 2016
Music Projects / Video

News: Additional Information on Hamilton Mixtape
Jun 17, 2016
Music Projects / News

“There’s a cover of ‘Satisfied’ that is going to blow your f*cking minds—you can put asterisks through that!” Lin-Manuel Miranda said enthusiastically at the June 16 press conference announcing his departure from his megahit Tony Award-winning musical and revealing details on his Hamilton Mixtape. He could not reveal which artist is covering “Satisfied”; however, in response to a reporter’s question, he admitted that her name did not rhyme with Shmayoncé.

Unlike In the Heights, which had multiple songs land on the cutting room floor, “it’s more like a satchel [of songs cut from Hamilton],” he said. And, audiences will get to hear them when The Hamilton Mixtape drops in October.

“ Hamilton’s story was pretty clear,” he said. “There’s probably 10-15 songs [that were cut], which is really good batting average for me, and we’re releasing some of those on the Hamilton Mixtape that will come out in the fall. That is still deciding what it wants to be. I’m letting the artists who are [involved] take the lead on that. It’s right now a mix of covers and ‘inspired-bys.’ So there will be a cover of ‘My Shot.’ The chorus is our chorus, but the verses are incredible rappers doing what they do and writing incredible verses that I didn’t write.

“In addition to [covers],” he explained, there will be multiple demos of songs that didn’t make the final cut. “So I’m going to put that cut slavery rap battle that was in the book… We’re putting my demo of that on [the album]. I have a song called ‘Valley Forge’ that I cut that we actually performed in the Lincoln Center concert. I sort of took the best lines from it and put it in ‘Stay Alive,’ but the ‘Valley Forge’ demo will be on the recording. There’s a number of other demos… ‘Congratulations’ was a song that Angelica had. I think we’re putting that on the Mixtape. So there’s going to be like six or seven of the cut tunes on that as interludes between these amazing artists. A lot of my favorite rap albums have skits, so those are our skits, like me singing hoarsely at four in the morning with these tunes.”

One song he did not confirm would make the Mixtape was a cut song entitled “Let It Go,” Alexander Hamilton getting angry when Aaron Burr decides to run for the Senate and Hamilton’s wife Eliza tells him, “You can’t get mad anytime any one else has success.”

“There was another ‘Let It Go’ that was doing very well, thank you very much,” he joked, referring to the smash success by Kristen Anderson-Lopez andRobert Lopez from the Disney film Frozen. [Source]

News: New Information on PBS’ ‘Hamilton’s America’
Jun 17, 2016
News / Television Projects

It’s like John Laurens said: We’ll never be truly free until there’s a Hamilton documentary on public TV. To that end, then, PBS is making a Hamilton episode of its Great Performances series. It’s being called Hamilton’s America (and we just live in it), and it’s debuting October 17. (You’re just going to have to wait for it.)

Hamilton’s America has been filming in all the rooms where Hamilton has happened since 2013, and will chart the evolution of the smash musical. Alex Horwitz is directing the 90-minute film, and he just so happens to be one of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “best friends from college,” so he didn’t have any trouble gaining access to his notoriously close-lipped subject. Says Miranda, “He’s got this insane footage because he was like, ‘Can I throw a camera on you since you’re writing this thing?'” In addition to a heavy dose of the man behind the man on the front of the 10, Hamilton’s America will apparently feature interviews with the likes of George W. Bush, the Obamas, Jimmy Fallon, and Questlove, as well as sit-downs between Miranda and Stephen Sondheim, John Weidman, and Nas. And despite the flood of Hamilton content already out there, Miranda promises Hamilton’s America won’t be your average founding-of movie: “It’s not the road to Broadway. We lived that movie already … This is sort of where Hamilton intersects with history.” Sure, sir! [Source]

Coverage: Lin Interview with El Nuevo Día
Jun 17, 2016
Gallery Update / Interview / Photo Session / Video

Lin did an interview a couple of days ago with El Nuevo Día, an online newspaper based in Puerto Rico where he talked about the upcoming projects he has and what leaving Hamilton meant for him.

“Estoy muy emocionado. No estoy cansado de hacer el show. Estoy cansado punto. Porque este ha sido el año mas extraordinario de mi vida. Esta no va a ser la última vez que voy a interpretar a Hamilton, en lo absoluto. Espero integrarme a la producción de Londres, espero ser parte de la gira al menos una semana. En algún momento se van a cansar de que interprete a Hamilton. `Ay Dios, Lin volvió a hacer Hamilton’. Porque escribí un papel que tiene tantas palabras, que no me canso de decirlo y encuentro cosas nuevas con los actores cada noche. Hay tanto allí que uno no se puede cansar de ese papel. Quizá después de un año te puedes cansar de Hamlet o de otros papeles, tu cuerpo puede estar extenuado, pero hay tanto en ese trabajo que yo espero integrarme de ocasión en ocasión por el resto de mi vida” [Source]

Meanwhile I’ve updated the gallery with photos from the interview and a small video.


Video: Lin to Guest Star in ‘Difficult People’
Jun 17, 2016
News / Television Projects

Photos: Alexander Hamilton Photocall
Jun 17, 2016
Gallery Update / Photo Session

I’ve updated the gallery with photos of Lin & Javier during their photocall earlier today where they announced that Javier will officially be taking over on July 9.