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Video: “Hamilton’s America” Trailer
Sep 23, 2016
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Photos: Lin-Manuel Miranda for GQ
Sep 20, 2016
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The fire hydrant near the house is the same one that years-ago Miranda and friends used to wrench open in order to baptize themselves with icy water on scorchers like this; the front stoop—the same one where he now sits, at 36, with his father, Luis, a political consultant who is 62—is where, as a kid always filming himself, he delivered some of his best, if most embarrassing, material. Around the corner is Academy Street, what used to be gang territory in his youth, where at the first hint of trouble he’d hightail it, painfully aware of his own mortality. “I knew when to run the fuck home,” Miranda says, dunking a raisin bagel in his coffee. “I was Peter on The Cosby Show, you know? Like, they would get into some shit, and Peter would run out the door. That was me. I was like, ‘I am out!’ ” [source]

Photos: “Viva Broadway” and AARP Celebrate National Hispanic Month 2016
Sep 20, 2016
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I’ve updated the gallery with photos of Lin attending a special talk in the New York Times to celebrate National Hispanic Month.


Feature: The Hamilton Handoff
Sep 14, 2016
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I’ve updated the gallery with the photoshoot and scans of Lin (and Miguel’s) article in the October issue of Chicago Magazine.


Lin-Manuel Miranda and Miguel Cervantes have never performed together, but they have the palpable chemistry of two people who share something sacred. Specifically, playing the most talked-about role in theater since Richard Burton’s Hamlet. Miranda, of course, wrote Hamilton—which won 11 Tony Awards and the Pulitzer Prize for drama—and originated the titular role, Cervantes, 39, a relatively unknown performer, will star in the Chicago version, which opens September 27 at the PrivateBank Theatre. Though the Dallas native has had small parts in the Green Day musical American Idiot and the touring production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, the role of Alexander Hamilton will be his first lead. In August, just one month after Miranda, 36, stepped down from the role on Broadway (and immediately chopped his hair and shaved his goatee), the two men sat down to discuss what it means to star in the box-office behemoth that has single-handedly revitalized musical theater and the Founding Fathers’ sex factor. [source]

Behind the Scenes of the “Hamilton” Cover Shoot

Video: Lin Manuel Miranda Reacting to Beauty & the Beast
Sep 1, 2016

Coverage: Lin Manuel Miranda on Difficult People
Aug 30, 2016
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Lin guest starred on Hulu’s Difficult People earlier this month. I’ve updated the gallery with screencaps of his appearance on the episode that you can watch below.



News: Lin Manuel Miranda Joins Disney’s Live Action ‘The Little Mermaid’
Aug 17, 2016
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Disney is pairing Hamilton‘s Lin-Manuel Miranda with iconic songwriter Alan Menken for a live action feature adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid. Miranda and Menken will write the songs together.Marc Platt will produce the film along with Miranda, in a configuration just set by Sean Bailey, president of Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Production. Deadline revealed in May that Disney was figuring out a way to add the classic title to a slate of films based on the studio’s animated films. This one is being orchestrated as a mix of pre-existing songs from the 1989 Disney animated classic movie, for which Menken won two Oscars, sharing Best Song with Howard Ashman, and winning Best Score on his own. Menken has eight Oscars in his storied career. [Source]

News: Date set for Lin’s ‘Drunk History’ Episode
Aug 16, 2016
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Although Miranda wasn’t on set to offer tips for playing the young, scrappy, and hungry treasury secretary, his presence was felt. Drunk History creator Derek Waters would blast the soundtrack in between set-ups, and Miranda did Face Time to check on the production the day after the Tony Awards—“after having probably the craziest night of his life,” Shawkat notes. The episode (airing November 29) also reunited the actress with Arrested Development co-star Tony Hale, who plays James Monroe — a Founding Father who didn’t make it into the musical. [Source]

Gallery Update: Lin’s Puerto Rico Visit
Jul 28, 2016
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I updated the gallery with +100 HQ photos of Lin during his visit to Puerto Rico where he made a few stops before his Walk of Fame Star event.

Huge thanks to my friend Samantha & Emily for some of those pictures.


2016 > 27 July – Ignacio Miranda School Visit
2016 > 27 July – Lin Manuel Miranda Puerto Rico Walk Of Fame Event
2016 >27 July – Press Conference
2016 > 27 July – Lin Manuel Miranda Enclave de Poesia Event
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Video: Lin-Manuel Miranda is hosting PBS Arts Fall Festival!
Jul 28, 2016
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