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News: Date set for Lin’s ‘Drunk History’ Episode

[ Written on August 16 2016 by Francesca ]

Although Miranda wasn’t on set to offer tips for playing the young, scrappy, and hungry treasury secretary, his presence was felt. Drunk History creator Derek Waters would blast the soundtrack in between set-ups, and Miranda did Face Time to check on the production the day after the Tony Awards—“after having probably the craziest night of his life,” Shawkat notes. The episode (airing November 29) also reunited the actress with Arrested Development co-star Tony Hale, who plays James Monroe — a Founding Father who didn’t make it into the musical. [Source]

News: Lin-Manuel Miranda to Tell Hamilton/Burr Tale on Drunk History

[ Written on July 22 2016 by Francesca ]

A big theme of Hamilton is that history lives at the whim of whoever tells your story. Well, we’re betting a corollary to that lesson is: History lives at the whim of how hammered the guy telling your story is when he tells it. We’ll find out for sure this fall, when Lin-Manuel Miranda narrates the Alexander Hamilton/Aaron Burr rivalry on an episode of Drunk History. Presumably Miranda’s going to have a fresh take on the story, since rapping and slurring do not an elegant combination make. The news of Miranda’s appearance actually comes as a SHOCKING reversal, as Miranda, a Drunk History fan, once noted that Alexander Hamilton was the subject of the show’s very first lesson, shutting down the possibility of his reprising the story on the show. Last December, he tweeted: “Hamilton was the first story ever told on Drunk History. I’d have to get drunk and tell you something else.” Don’t feel bad, Lin. Forgetting history is the drunk way, and repeating it is downright all-American.

Drunk History’s creator Derek Waters announced the news of Miranda’s appearance at the show’s Comic-Con panel on Thursday. More guests set for season four of the Comedy Central series include Paget Brewster, Busy Phillips, Mae Whitman, Jack McBrayer, David Koechner, Billie Joe Armstrong, Rachel Bilson, Michael Cera, Josh Charles, Kat Dennings, Ben Folds, Dave Grohl, Tony Hale, Ed Helms, Thomas Middleditch, Elizabeth Olsen, Aubrey Plaza, Ronda Rousey, Liev Schreiber, and Alia Shawkat, among others. Salud! [Source]

News: New Information on PBS’ ‘Hamilton’s America’

[ Written on June 17 2016 by Francesca ]

It’s like John Laurens said: We’ll never be truly free until there’s a Hamilton documentary on public TV. To that end, then, PBS is making a Hamilton episode of its Great Performances series. It’s being called Hamilton’s America (and we just live in it), and it’s debuting October 17. (You’re just going to have to wait for it.)

Hamilton’s America has been filming in all the rooms where Hamilton has happened since 2013, and will chart the evolution of the smash musical. Alex Horwitz is directing the 90-minute film, and he just so happens to be one of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “best friends from college,” so he didn’t have any trouble gaining access to his notoriously close-lipped subject. Says Miranda, “He’s got this insane footage because he was like, ‘Can I throw a camera on you since you’re writing this thing?'” In addition to a heavy dose of the man behind the man on the front of the 10, Hamilton’s America will apparently feature interviews with the likes of George W. Bush, the Obamas, Jimmy Fallon, and Questlove, as well as sit-downs between Miranda and Stephen Sondheim, John Weidman, and Nas. And despite the flood of Hamilton content already out there, Miranda promises Hamilton’s America won’t be your average founding-of movie: “It’s not the road to Broadway. We lived that movie already … This is sort of where Hamilton intersects with history.” Sure, sir! [Source]

Video: Lin to Guest Star in ‘Difficult People’

[ Written on June 17 2016 by Francesca ]

News: ‘Freestyle Love Supreme’ Has a New Home

[ Written on June 10 2016 by Francesca ]

Beginning June 23, the comedy-centric service will exclusively stream episodes of Freestyle Love Supreme, a musical improv show featuring Miranda’s improv group of the same name. The series, which was based on live performances in which FLS would turn audience cues into musical numbers, aired on Pivot in 2014. Those episodes will now stream on Seeso along with newly edited material featuring the original cast, which includes Christopher Jackson (Hamilton), Utkarsh Ambudkar (The Mindy Project), Chris Sullivan (The Electric Company) and Anthony Veneziale (The Electric Company). 

“It’s crazy to think about how long we’ve been performing as a group,” Miranda said. “The number of boy bands we’ve outlived in that time in staggering! No matter what happens in each of our lives, we all come back to Freestyle Love Supreme. It’s our touchstone, and it’s gratifying to be able to share this series anew with the world.” [Source]

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