2019 – My Favorite Shapes by Julio Torres
Created by: Julio Torres
Original Network: HBO
Production year: 2019
Original release: August 10, 2019
Running time: 57 minutes
Other cast: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone
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In a spcial for HBO, comedian and “Space Prince” Julio Torres (Los Espookys; Saturday Night Live) examines his favorite shapes, which include a plexiglass square, an oval that wishes he were a circle, a self-conscious cactus and a Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Each of his shapes contains multitudes, which Torres explores with fantastical stories and humorous anecdotes. More often, though, they are full-fledged stories about objects, sometimes so detailed that they become breakout segments of their own. The tiny cactus gets his own brief inner-monologue, voiced by Lin-Manuel Miranda in Spanish, telling the story of his sense of foreboding about the little glass pot’s previous resident.